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Visit to a Chinese orphanage

My fans on Facebook already know that I visited a Chinese orphanage yesterday. This trip to a orphanage in the outskirts of Guangzhou was organized by BEAN Guangzhou and I was lucky to be the one of the nine people who had the chance to attend.

Even going to the orphanage was an adventure. We met on a distant metro stop in Baiyun district and decided to take a taxi to the destination. Finding the right road was a bit tricky as the taxi drivers usually don’t know that orphanage. We had a small “sight-seeing tour” before founding the right spot.

There are more than 100 Chinese children in the orphanage and they all have different mental and/or physical disabilities. But despite their rough life, they are extremely cute and so excited about everything. We played with 15 kids on the small playground, make paper airplanes, sung songs and colored pictures. The smile on their face was the best kind of reward a volunteer can get.

I’m really happy that I decided to attend this event. It was a new experience for me and totally worth it. I hope I can go there again next time. I you’re interested in going too, follow the BEAN Guangzhou website.


  • Annika

    Asia Exchange joskus ne kyseli et jos ne vois tehdä jotain hyväntekeväisyyttä, kuten ne tekee jossain vaihtokohteissa. Voisko tosta vinkata niille? 


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Mahdollisesti kylla. Mukaan ei aina mahdu kuin 8 ihmista kerrallaan, asia josta orpokoti on hyvin tarkka, mutta ehkapa myos AE:n vaihtareita voisi aina valilla mahtua mukaan :)


    Annika Reply:

     Tai ne vois tehdä jotain muuta asian hyväksi. Lahjottaa omat kamansa kun lähtee tai kerätä rahaa et orpokoti saa ostettua jotain.


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Tapasin AE:n henkilon kanssa tassa kuukausi sitten ja listalla on laittaa sahkopostia muistakin asioista, joten taytyy muistaa mainita myos tasta. Hyva huomio, etta vaihtareilta usein jaa paljon tavaraa jalkeen ja olisi hieno juttu jos ne voisi lahjoittaa eteenpain.


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