Life in China is as adventurous as going to the supermarket

Life in China is full of surprises and adventure. Even when you visit the French supermarket Carrefour and head to it’s meat section. It’s not problem if you’re not sure what to cook or which ingredients fit together. You can just pick one ideal-meal-package that includes all the meat and vegetables you need! In Finland we would just choose a ready made macaroni casserole and eat it with ketchup. So boring!

In Finland there’s a growing demand to avoid food additives and eat less processed food. More and more people want to know what they are actually eating. In China finding out is easy because even in Carrefour you can have a close look what kind of duck is it that you are planning on buying.¬† In Finland we would just google it.

I’m not an expert, but then there’s something I’m not sure is it for humans or for animals. I am sure that my cat Lucy would love to try her teeth on this juicy piece of meat, but I wouldn’t be too thrilled to share (I mean she can eat it all by herself!). It feels strange that there aren’t any covers for the fridge-kind-of-thing. It must waste a lot of energy.

The best part is something I can’t share with you through a blog. You have to experience it yourself. Go to the middle of the meat section in any store or supermarket or just a market in China and breathe. Breathe through your nose to be exact. You will know what I’m talking about.

Am I exaggerating? Tell you the truth I have no idea how are the supermarkets in the States, in France or in Malaysia. If you have a supermarket story on your blog (no matter from where) please share the link in the comments!


From Thursday noon until Friday evening I spent in Hong Kong and learned a lot. 1. Digital cameras aren’t cheaper there. 2. When someone knows English, there’s is more ways to fool you. 3. Some rules you can bend, but not the ones you really want. More about my Hong Kong trip will be posted¬† during the following days!