My Second Day In China

Dear Travel Diary,  2nd of February 2010

I tried to take a shower again at the hostel but the water was freezing! Luckily warm water was available when I got back later that day.

Today I used 10RMB for breakfast, 20RMB for ticket to the Forbidden City, 33,50RMB for lunch and dinner, 58RMB for memory card reader and 30RMB for late night snacks.

Me and one Finnish girl also traveling in Beijing at the moment agreed to explore the city together this week, so I met her first. We were supposed to meet at Tian An Men so I headed that way. This hostel isn’t that far from there so I decided to walk, sun was shining today!

When I got to the Tian An Men a foreign guy came to me an asked where I’m from. After telling him I was from Finland he continued in Finnish “Are you Sara?” We had actually changed a few messaged online before the trip and he just managed to spot me in the middle of the biggest square in China! What a coincidence!

The Finnish girl had already gone to Forbidden City when I gave her a call so I hurried up and met her there. We didn’t use that much time inside the palace area, so I really have to go there again before I leave Beijing!

Our next stop was a food garden in one of the shopping malls in Wangfujin shopping street. I ate fried rise and chicken which was a delicious!

When I came back to the hostel and wanted to update this blog for you I met a Finnish guy who was staying at the hostel with his friend. I had a nice chat with them at the hostel’s restaurant, but didn’t continue to a night club with them. It’s their last night at the hostel so perhaps I’m never going to see them again.

Tomorrow I will go to the railway station to try to get some tickets to Pingyao!