What To Do If Rats Take Over Your Home?

I was so afraid. For some reason I woke up at five in the morning. It was surprisingly silent moment in China. But then I heard some rustling sound. I didn’t want to believe it but I had to ask a second opinion and woke my boyfriend up. Before I even started telling him what I heard he said 老鼠! (a rat!)

In no time we were both standing on the bed, afraid that it would attack! I was still hoping it to be a small cute mouse, but after turning some of the light on it ran beside the wall. It was ten centimeters long plus the tail! That point we got even more scared.

That morning was also the first time I found out that rats can jump pretty high and climb even higher. Later that day I read from the net that only one centimeter wide hole is enough for a big rat to enter inside.

With a mop as our weapon we managed to open the door and chase the rat away. But after coming back from my morning lessons I saw that a rat had been inside after that. Did it come back or didn’t it leave? I went straight downstairs and told my landlord what had happened. He came up and installed a metal mesh to our previously almost open bathroom window.

The whole afternoon I spent blocking all the places that rat could possibly get in. But only later we found out that there was a hole next to our air conditioner. It seems after installing it for me they forgot to fill the hole on the wall or just didn’t even think about it.

I was very nervous when getting to sleep. I listened all the noises and thought the rats were coming even it was only the wind. Luckily I manage to fall asleep and discovered the next day that no rat had visited our home. But I know that when the sun will set today I will be checking all the places again and again and only after that can feel save.

Photo by korobokkuru.