Guangzhou,  Raising a child in China

Where to go with kids in Guangzhou – Aoti Utopa Mall

New shopping malls made for kids are popping up all over Guangzhou. Aoti Utopa Mall used to be a furniture mall, but it has transformed into a kid’s paradise.It isn’t a fancy mall and looks old on the outside, but it has pretty much everything you need.

Address for taxi or GPS: 广州市天河区奥体南路12号优托虭·奥体店

So what does Aoti Utopa Mall include?

Outside there are amusement park rides, two water parks, wall climbing, diving training and other activities. Outside there is also two big slides for free that kids and climb and slide on.

Inside you find many indoor playgrounds, trampoline park, swimming playarea, shops, restaurants and a Auchan supermarket. The restaurants are more for the Chinese taste, but does have Pizza Hut as well those wanting western food.

Pictures from our visits:Carousel ride 20rmb or buy a set of tickets for 300rmb so each ride is 10rmb.Rentable stroller with airplane functions for the kid to enjoy. 3rmb per 15 minutes.Waterpark with a shallow pool for younger kids and deeper pool with more obstacles for older kids or adults. We bought a discounted ticket on 亲子周末 app and paid only 29.90rmb for both of us.Ball pit in the middle of the shopping mall. There is a “tree” climbing activity next to it as well for older kids.小Q indoor playground. This is a chain with locations all over Guangzhou. It doesn’t has as many climbing or slides, but has a lot of games, cars, role play, supermarket toys. One time ticket is around 80rmb.

This is just a small portion of activities and play areas that Aoti Utopa Mall offers. Go and see your self!

Parking is free for two hours. During weekends the huge parking lot gets full, so better to arrive early. This Saturday at 10:30 there was lots of space left, but at early afternoon when we left it was almost full.

All in all it’s worth to visit with kids!

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