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Chinese lessons in Guangzhou are continuing in September

Learn Chinese in Guangzhou

Update: More information about me teaching Chinese in Guangzhou, please check out our new website for Expat Chinese.

I’ve gotten emails asking when do I resume teaching Chinese and I thought it’s best to share the plans in a blog post as well. Chinese lessons are continuing in September!

I’ll arrive back to Guangzhou a bit earlier than planned, on the first week of September. After that I’ll need to find a nanny and then I can continue teaching Mandarin. My estimate is that I can continue lessons in mid-September.

I’ll be offering one on one or small group lessons for beginners and elementary level students. Most of my students are keen to learn the basics of spoken Chinese but I have students who are fascinated by the Chinese characters as well. In any case the lessons are always tailored to your personal needs with a flexible schedule.

If you want more information about Chinese lessons in Guangzhou or want to book a meeting with me, check out our website for Expat Chinese!


  • Nobu

    I have been following you since you have passed HSK 5 until now. And it is amazing where you are now in life! It makes me so happy that you are now teaching Chinese to foreigners! Would love to meet you one day. Though I do not know you personally, I recommend you as a teacher to some of my foreigner friends! :) Keep it up! Add oil!


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    That is no very nice of you, thank you Nobu. I’m really enjoying teaching Chinese and the feedback from my students is what keeps me going. Hope to meet you too one day!


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