Highlights from 2018

Happy New Year 2019 to everyone in China and abroad! On the first day it’s time to look back to the highlights of last year 2018 before moving forward.

Started the year with a tour to Shenjing Village with Expat Chinese students. Showing the historical side of Guangzhou.

Celebrated 4th wedding anniversary at the Ritz-Carlton buffet lunch.

Welcomed the year of the dog.

Finally visited Kaiping with my family! A must historical destination to visit in Guangdong province.

Rented a second classroom at Zhujiang New Town, hired our first full-time teacher.

Attended Women’s Empowerment event and joined Global Friendship, an organization that plans meaningful events in Guangzhou and nearby cities.

Went to the GWIC charity gala and attended many other GWIC events through the year. In this photo with my first Chinese language student who I met in September 2014.

Had our first cultural workshop organized by Bowtie History.

Went to the beach of Yangjiang with family.

Had delicious dim sum with Expat Chinese students.

Second workshop with Sinellia Tea dived into the history and culture of Chinese Tea.

Went to Finland to attend my brother’s high school graduation. In this photo with my (from the right) brother, mother, brother-in-law, sister, brother and my husband and daughter.

Family trip to Tallinn!

Company dinner! At this point we employed one full time and three part time teachers.

Gave a DU Talk about international marriage.

My husband’s first gym opened, the second is about to open later this month (January 2019).

Our daughter started first grade of Chinese kindergarten.

Started attending Entrepreneurs Roundtable events organized by Global Friendship.

During National Week in October led three tours to explore different parts of our island and Xiaozhou village.

Joined the K2Fit fitness community to surround my self with active and positive energy!

Went to Canadian Chamber of Commerce launch party, as we Finns don’t have organizations of our own here.

Our daughter turned 3 years old.

Expat Chinese had a booth at the yearly GWIC Holiday charity Bazaar.

Started Mette’s amazing Learning Leader program to learn more about important soft skills that help me to lead my self and my business better.

Went camping with my daughter to Cliffhaus.

Started regular company training on topics of education, teaching, self development etc. Started offering weekly English lessons to our staff with an American teacher.

Workshop on Chinese Medicine with doctor Roxana.

Started 66 days study challenge with 20+ students studying Chinese everyday.

Had our second workshop with Sinellia Tea learning how to serve Chinese Tea properly.

Anna’s first performance!

Christmas Party with Expat Chinese students and staff at our home.

Opened our second location in Clifford!

To kick off the 2019 let’s meet at our new center to learn about Chinese language, culture, travel and tea from three foreign experts!

To join scan the flyer or add my WeChat: yaxuefang.

Happy New Year 2019!