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How to get over jetlag, wish I knew!

Our own playarea onboard – Thank you Finnair!
Me and our 10 month old daughter arrived back to Guangzhou a week ago, but it took us a whole week to get over jetlag and back to normal.

I felt it was easier to go to Europe, we would wake up early but it was easier to get baby to sleep in the evening. But now that we came back to Asia, she wanted to stay up until midnight no matter how tired and woke up a lot at night.

Now that we are back to normal it feels like heaven! Sleeping babies truly are the most beautiful sight!

So I don’t unfortunately have any tips for getting over jetlag. We tried to nudge the rhythm to the right direction, but it usually backfired with a crying and grumpy baby. In the end it was time that helped.

Do you have any good tips to get over jetlag? I’ll collect best tips for next year’s holiday. 


  • Timo

    Sadly I don’t have any advice as I never really have jetlag…I just adapt to the new time zone, force myself to stay awake the first day and it is done for me. Also our son had thus far no problems going both times to China and back to Germany. My wife on the otherhand is a whole other matter…

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    I think that worked quite well when we went to Finland, we stayed awake longer. Sure it was some early mornings, but that wasn’t too bad.

  • Hans van Kooijk

    As discovered and used by many female flight attendants, Viagra helps them to diminish jet lag problems.
    Yes…. only women should use this and apparently they do not experience any side effects, so men will have to keep suffering.

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Haha, had no idea!

  • Jocelyn Eikenburg

    While it can’t cure everything, staying well-hydrated helps a lot. When we came over I did drink a lot of Gatorade on the way here and water (I brought my own empty bottles so we could fill them up in the airport, and also brought powdered gatorade), and felt like I recovered a lot faster than normal. Still felt tired, but it was a lot more manageable!

  • Nobu

    Usually I choose a flight, so I can arrive in the evening. So, i can back to sleep immediately. Even if i am not sleepy, i lie down, ready to sleep. My mom used to this when I was a kid travelling between Asia and Europe and it worked for me till now.

  • Ken Morgan

    You can cure jetlag by resetting/pausing your body clock your body clock is more powerful than the one in your brain. You can do this by controlling what you eat.

    The long version is that you carefully time your meal times and what you eat for a week before you get on a plane. The short version is you simply don’t eat (drinking water is ok but nothing with calories in it).

    The short version is you need to stop eating for 18 hours+/-before arrive at your destination. Once you eat regardless of light your gut clock will ping to your new time zone almost instantly.

    My UK -> HK 10 hour flights I just don’t eat the day before. Get on the plane fall asleep and don’t even move when the flight attendant prods me for meals. Then wake up and have a biscuit or something instant reset.

  • chinaelevatorstories

    I’m a bit late to the discussion. Sun light is what helps for us (and lots of coffee for me)! And not forcing things, still trying to let the kids sleep before they become overtired. If kids don’t sleep when they are tired, they sleep worse in the evening or whenever they would otherwise sleep.

    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Thanks for the tips! Although I don’t drink coffee, but sunlight I can defnititely do.