Recommend your favourite China book – Win a free book

We all have our favourite books about China, books that teach us more about this amazing culture that we are or want to be a part of. Books that help us make the decision to move to China and make our dreams come true. Books that make us laugh and relate to the author’s story.

Now it’s time to have our very first lucky draw here at Living a Dream in China and recommend your favourite books to me and other readers!

If you’re lucky, you can win a free digital copy of a new book called P.R.C  – Pretty Real China!

Writer and photographer Denis Lejeune lived in Chongqing for three years. Three long years. With 9 millions souls, the former capital of China numbered some… 200 Westerners and no foreign restaurant. The closest English bookshop was 300km away. Call it total immersion.

Lejeune had moved there hungry for novelty and eager to exchange, why not even share, with people from a culture known to be so different. Things, however, didn’t go to script.

In eight striking chapters, P.R.C – Pretty Real China documents his disillusion while unveiling a critical country which the West still only knows through quick clichés. The book is also available in French, under the title Le Pire du Milieu.

Denis Lejeune has published several books, in French and English, poems, short stories and numerous articles. His photographic work has toured China and France, and he is currently working on a visual book to complement P.R.C – Pretty Real China.

Now to the lucky draw rules:

1. Leave a comment to this post with your China book recommendation that includes the reason why you recommend this book. Remember to add the whole title of the book and the author.  Also remember to add your email!

2. Everyone has one ticket to the lucky draw.

3. The winner will be randomly chosen by me, everyone has a fair chance to win.

4. The lucky draw continues until Sunday 24:00 CST (that’s UTC/GMT +8 hours)

4. Results with the winner’s name and book recommendations will be live on Monday 14th October. The book will be delivered to the winner digitally, so you can start reading right away no matter where in the globe you are.

Good luck!