We have a house!


I’m happy to inform all of you that me and my boyfriend are moving! We will be moving about 8 meters along the street to the family’s old house. The two-storey house was built in 1979 and my boyfriend used to live there when he was a kid. During recent years it has been rented out to two families, but starting from 1st of November, we will hold the keys.

I’ve been living with my boyfriend and his family since beginning of the year. It’s been an interesting experience, actually much easier than I thought. But as an independent Finnish woman I need a place where my word counts. My boyfriend will be finally moving out which is hard for the family, especially for his mother who has been taking such a good care of him, and me as well.

We will first clean the whole place from top to bottom, as it’s in a terrible condition after the renters. We don’t make any big renovations first, just make it livable for us two and our three cats. We do have great plans for the house, but that would require a big budget too.

I will be sharing some photos with you after we get the keys. I am just so excited!