Visit to Yuyin Shan Fang Ancestral Garden

(My friend taking a photo in Finland)

I like taking photos, but sometimes I just forget my camera or the battery is dead.¬† I went to Yuyin Shan Ancestral Garden earlier this week and wasn’t sure if I want to pay the 18RMB to go in because I didn’t have my camera with me. Would there be any point to see something beautiful if I can’t take a photo of it?

That made me think that I should also enjoy visiting places and seeing interesting things without possibility to record them. I should just be there and look with my own eyes, not concentrate on taking photos and not really seeing what is in front of me. So that time I just relaxed. I walked through small gardens and peeked inside multiple rooms thinking what if I would live in a place like this.

I am a history student still even I’m not sure will I ever continue those studies in Finland. I enjoy seeing old building and sited, so I was little bit disappointed to notice that part of the garden was new. Some parts should be from 1871, some from 1922 but the newest part have been built just 4 years ago. But if it’s still a beautiful piece of architecture could I just admire it?

Yuyin Shan Fang was a quiet and harmonious place. Luckily the big group of elderly people just came out before I entered with my boyfriend. In the temple he introduced my to the god (I guess there must be some god in a temple to worship) and asked for lots of money. He doesn’t know if he believes in that kind of things or not but just better to be safe than sorry.

After going around all the places in the area we just sat down on a bench and did nothing. There was no one to look at me because¬† I’m a waiguoren (foreigner). There was no kids screaming and running around. There was even no need to talk. Only enjoy the place and the quietness.