He’s just not that into you – China Edition

I just read he’s just not that into you last night and it’s a great book! I also recommend the movie for someone who is looking for the right one or is dating the wrong one or just for pure entertainment. I started thinking if there would be a China edition of this book, how would it look like? (If you know there is, please let me know!)

He’s just not that into you if he’s not asking your QQ number

QQ is The One instant messaging software in China and everyone is using it. As a foreign girl people will aks your QQ number on the street, so if the guy you are interested in isn’t asking, he surely is blind or  wouldn’t give a damn.

He’s jut not that into you if he’s not carrying your purse

China is the land of cute girls and gentlemen boyfriends who would do anything for their loved one. So pay notice to this sign, if your guy isn’t carrying your handbag he truly doesn’t care enough about you.

He’s just not that into you if he’s not telling his parents

Filial piety is doing well in China and most kids, even when they’re adults, choose to listen their parents. If your Chinese boyfriend don’t want to tell his parents about you, he is not taking your relationship seriously.

I know Chinese guy who dated a foreign girl over five years and always just forgot to mention to the parents they’re dating, they moved together and they got engaged. What happened? In the end he changed her for a Chinese girl!

He’s jut not that into you if he’s…

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