Raising a child in China

The art of being super cute

Are you done taking photos?

Like I’ve written before, I like to take our baby out where ever I’m going. She took the bus when she was 2 weeks old, metro at 1 month old and just last week a plane at 5.5 months old. We’ve been to cafes, restaurants, parks, shopping malls and visiting friends. There is one common theme that happens every single time we go out the door.

Wow, your baby is soooo cute!

Words cute, beautiful, adorable all can be heard when ever we go outside with our baby girl. Strangers turn their heads and twist their necks to get a glimpse of our cute little mixed baby. They take out their phones, snap photos and send them on WeChat for their friends to see. They want to touch her little cheeks, caress her soft hands and make funny faces to get her to smile.

Most people are always ready to help out when they see a mom and baby to get into a bus or needing a hand. No need to think of any games to play for your child, the locals aunties and uncles will do that for you at the park nearby! I suddenly understand why Chinese grandparents always take grandkids outside, it’s so much easier than trying to entertain them at home.

I’m still not sure how I should response to all this attention our baby is getting, especially the photos. How would you reply when strangers keep telling your baby is the cutest ever all day long? ;)


  • Autumn Ashbough

    Some people just gush over babies the way I gush over dogs and cats — whether the kid is attractive or not. Thank goodness your kid is cute enough to live up to the hype. :)


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    The good things that comes with it that no one pays attention to me anymore as everyone is too busy looking at my daughter. We’ll see if she likes it or now when she grows a bit bigger and starts understanding it.


  • DJSuomessa

    Moi, Sara! I wouldn’t worry about it. I think it’s a good thing for Anna to get used to people. My husband and I just came back to Finland from our one-month China trip with our 11-month old boy Hannu. He has absolutely become more outgoing, brave and ‘talkative'(yiyiyaya) during our visit in China, not afraid of strangers.

    Now when we are back in Finland, he still likes to wave and ‘talk’ to strangers. But pity that his sweet sweet smile and passionate waving don’t always get same level warm response as he received in China. You know overall Finnish are much less sociable, outgoing and casual than Chinese, though Finns are quite polite and friendly.

    But I feel happy that Hannu is more sociable and brave now (He actually was already more outgoing than many Finnish babies of Finnish parents before our China trip ;) ), more than I worry that he would get too much attentions everywhere and thinks himself as a star.


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    I’ve also taken Anna out to meet other people and other kids, but of course personality matters as well. It will be very interesting to go back to Finland and see the diffrences, thanks for writing about that!


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