Becoming fluent in Chinese: May Goal Check-In

Becoming fluent in Chinese

Another month have gone by and it’s time to take a look what I did during May. Now my final exams are getting closer and I have noticed that taking 5 selective courses wasn’t really that smart of a decision. Next semester I’m not going to make the same mistake. Because of so many courses I’ve been very tired recently.


Besides sitting at classes and listening to teachers, I haven’t really done any listening. Only watched three episodes of Chinese TV. Even though listening is one of my strongest skills at the moment, I still want to keep the habit  (or more like form it again) of watching Chinese dramas, because it’s great for speaking too.


I took part in an essay competition, but didn’t write well enough to get any prizes. During this whole semester I’ve written essays at my writing course and got following grades: 86, 86, 86, 80 and 90. I’m not very happy with my scores because I would like to get more than 90 points. My weakest part is that essays are too short! (Especially that one from which I got only 80 points). I have to do my best with the last two or three essays we have.


I didn’t really do any reading in May. The novel is covered in dust by now, but I’m going to pick it up again and finish it! It’s already June and after this novel I still have four books to read this year according to my goal.


This is the only succesful part this month. I used Skritter for 20 days, average 13 minutes per day, total of 7.3 hours. I have to do a lot more skrittering during these following two weeks so I’m ready for my finals! There are about 50 words per chapter in my Comprehensive course book and it’s a lot of work to learn them.


Didn’t make any videos this month, but I did have a presentation at the university that lasted about 10-15 minutes. Hard to say exactly because there were a lot of discussion during it. I’ve also enjoyed talking with a classmate of mine (but on a different group) who is ethnic Chinese with a Japanese passport and has a perfect accent.