I passed the new HSK test level 5!

I just got my results from last month’s new HSK test level 5. I passed HSK 5 test! Here are my HSK level 5 scores:

  • Listening 89/100
  • Reading 70/100
  • Writing 76/200
  • Total 235/300

I am very happy and satisfied with these results, especially with my listening score. According to my HSK results my Chinese studies are going well and there is steady improvement. In November 2010 I got old HSK 4 (same as having new HSK 4 with points 192-209), in April 2011 I got old HSK 5 (new HSK 4 with points 210-300) and now finally tried and passed the new HSK exam.

According to the tablet of correlation between the old and the new HSK my new HSK 5 certificate should correlate with old HSK 8 level. I don’t quite believe it. I think old 8 would be much more difficult to get than this new 5. What do you think?

New HSK 5 level certificate is enough for graduation, but my goals are a little bit higher. I know that level 6 is much more difficult, but I will do my best to pass it before I graduate. I have 2 years to get my Chinese to that level and if you have any tips for me, please leave a comment!

I’m also in the process of setting Chinese learning goals for 2012. What kind of goals do you have? Or maybe you happen to know what my goals should be? Please share it all in the comments!

Happy and successful 2012 to everyone!

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