Is it absolutely necessary to know Chinese when living in China?


Exchange students from Finland, Japan and Indonesia with a Chinese writer

– common language Mandarin Chinese

There are many kinds of foreigners coming to China: students, English teachers, travelers, business men, expats of international companies and their families. I’m sure everyone agrees that it is beneficial to know Mandarin Chinese when you live in China, but is it absolutely necessary?

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 It’s possible to live in China without knowing Chinese

Lots of expats live here without knowing the language, it’s absolutely doable but it has a big effect on your life. You will most likely eat in Western restaurants where the staff speaks English and rely on photos when you visit a Chinese restaurants. Haggling the prices on markets isn’t that easy because the language barrier and you can’t hear what prices the other customers get.

You will need a Chinese friend to help you with many things like renting an apartment, going to the post office and communicating with your cleaning ayi if you happen to have one.

But you will miss out a lot

You can have a perfectly happy life in China if you stay in the expat bubble, but is that really what you want to do? Why to move to a new country if you don’t explore the culture and meet some locals?

Even learning simple phrases like 你好(ni hao, hello),谢谢(xiexie, thank you) and 对不起 (duibuqi, sorry) the Chinese people will see you in a completely different light. They are always happy to hear us foreigners speaking Chinese and will do their best to cheer us up by complementing our language skills even after your very first ni hao.

By learning some Chinese you will show your respect to the culture and the people. Show them that you are willing to learn new things in order to communicate with them. It makes me very happy every time I hear a foreigner speaking Finnish, which is also regarded as a difficult language.

No excuses, learn the basics!

We all have our excuses not to do something, I can very well relate to that. But I’m sure we all can find at least 5 minutes every day to learn the basics, right?

You can start by:

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