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Reader’s Question: Hong Kong Travel Tips

Today it’s time to answer some Hong Kong related questions from my reader Alysa. If you have questions about living in Guangzhou/China, feel free to send me an email: sara(a)

Hi Sara!

Its me, Alysa, I’ve been following your blog for a while, commented on some articles, and asked you all the questions about your school and the student visas :) Well, I have to go to HK to try to renew my visa, but I had such a great visa before I didn’t have to go back for…I don’t know, 5 years? Anyways, I was wondering if you knew any good budget places to stay there, and are there any shopping centers you recommend I check out? I’m not interested in souvenirs…anyone who’s lived in China this long isn’t. Where do you usually go shopping while you’re there, for good deals or western products that are hard to find in GZ?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. :) A short reply would be great, but maybe some others would also like your thoughts on this?
– Alysa


Dear Alysa,

Glad you asked!

Cheap Accommodation

Recently I’ve always stayed at the same place when I visit Hong Kong and that’s Cosmic Guest House. They have excellent location at Mirador Mansion in TST and their rooms are cheap. Of course these cheap rooms are super tiny, but that’s what you get in Hong Kong. Prices start from 180HSK per room.

Don’t believe the photos on their website though, the rooms aren’t as big or clean as they might seem. Check out reviews and photos from tripadvisor before booking.


I personally don’t do that much shopping when visiting Hong Kong, but where I always go is the Swindon Book at 13-15 Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Of course books in Hong Kong are expensive, but you can get many books there that are impossible to find in the mainland.

As I’m far from expert at shopping, you better check this site for shopping areas, malls and street markets.


What if you could eat and drink as much as you like for 50HKD? That’s possible when you head to Mr. Wong’s in Mong Kok. Get a group of friends and let the cook prepare “some food” for your. No need to look at the menu! This place is famous among the exchange students as it’s cheap and even includes beer. It’s the only must restaurant I recommend in Hong Kong and you can read more about the place with photos on The Adventures of Abby.


I personally think that the best Hong Kong can offer us visitors are the great outdoors. Clean air, blue sky and excellent hiking trails. There are so many islands and routes to discover, like Tai O Village, Family Trail on Lamma Island and the Dragon’s Back Hike.

If you have other tips for Alysa, please leave a comment!


  • Virlane Torbit

    The YesInn Youth hostel is in Causeway Bay and only costs 25 Hong Kong Dollars per night. You are in a group of potentially 9 women, but it is clean, safe and cheap. Towels are 10 HKD to rent. I’ve stayed there several times and wouldn’t think of staying anywhere else.


    thenakedlistener Reply:

    I live a few streets away from the Yes Inn Youth Hostel. I can say this is right in the middle of Causeway Bay district. I can confirm the place looks clean and safe. Rate round US$22-$25 per person per night.


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Thank you both Virlane and thenakedlistener for comfirming this!


  • greetings&salutations

    The outlet stores in Ap Lei Chau are really good for brands at a discount price. Random Chinese-style malls (try one near Mong Kok station, I can’t remember the name sorry but it is printed on one of the exits!) are also good if you’re looking for a cheaper shopping experience than the glitzy malls (which are not hard to miss, there’s a mall attached to basically every subway station or at least a stone’s throw away from them ;)).

    I always stay at Chungking for the novelty factor: cheap, loud, exciting, buzzing, plus the great location…… something interesting ALWAYS happens when I stay there. Just keep your wits about you while you’re there and you’ll be fine.

    A trip to one of the outlying islands is always well worth it, especially on a nice day.

    I usually check out the Ladies Market while I’m in HK and try to have a drink in LKF or Wan Chai. The Pawn is Wan Chai is great – beautiful building and service.

    Enjoy! I’ll be there in about a week or so for a visa run :P x

    P.S Agree with Mr Wong’s suggestion. He’s a local legend and the food and drink is cheap. You may even spot a famous HK celebrity while you’re there.


    Alysa Reply:

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I got my visa for 30 days and ended up staying at Chungking Mansions, for 300HKD. (double room). It was a great location, and I did meet a celebrity – at the visa office in fact! – Globe Trekker Ian Wright :D


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Wow, excellent!


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    Great tips, thank you for sharing!


  • Abby

    Hi Sara, thanks for the link back to my blog! I haven’t been to Mr. Wong’s since leaving Hong Kong 2 years ago, but I definitely miss it and will make sure to go there next time I visit!


    Sara Jaaksola Reply:

    You’re welcome Abby! Hope you will have the chance to visit Hong Kong and Mr. Wong’s again soon.


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