Sky as blue as IKEA in Guangzhou

Guangzhou isn’t the most polluted city in China (Linfen is) but it’s not known for clean air either. Recently I have paid attention to the blue sky, but I’m not sure is my memory short or have there really been a change. The picture was taken yesterday when the air quality was reported to be moderate. (Check daily Guangzhou air quality from Guangzhou_Air at Twitter.)

Even though no one can claim that the sky is never blue in Guangzhou, there sure are also days when all the shades of gray can be seen in the sky.

This picture was taken on 12th April this year from the Sun Yat-Sen University north gate. I tried to find some pollution levels or air quality statistics, but didn’t really find anything good enough about Guangzhou and China in general.

Personally I’m not worried about the air quality and pollution here as long as I can’t taste it. But should I be? Are you concerned about the pollution in China?