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Why I Love Living In China?

Chinese men are the reason I love China. This time I tried to make a more serious and longer list, but it was surprisingly hard. It is hard to list all those little things that the life in here consists of. And when I thought of one thing, I always remembered some occasion that particular thing haven’t been so nice. But there is one big reason why I like living in China.

The reason is that by being in China I can observe the target of my passion everyday. In Finland I used to read books and watch documentaries about China, but now I can also just go outside of my room and see it myself! I hunger for knowledge about China and I think I will never be ready with that goal. There is always more to see, more to experience, more to know.

I have to admit that sometimes I just close my eyes and try to forget I live here. Try to forget that I’m a foreigner. Some days I just relax and read Dan Brown instead. But most of the days I’m excited as a young school kid thinking Oh this is what they eat, and this is the reason they do it like this.

Why am I so interested about this Middle Kingdom? I tried to explain it in my very first post, but I think those people that have similar life long passions or dreams, know what I’m talking about. You just have this feeling inside that this thing is your thing, something that is important to you no matter what.

What is the reason you like living in China? Or do you just completely hate it?

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  • NN

    I hope you enjoy your time in China. :) Maybe see you in April then!

    Sara Reply:

    Thanks for coming by NN! I’m enjoyning it very much and really hope to see you in April.

  • Eryone

    小心儿派咱来 大笔一挥!留了小字·

    喜欢中国文化 挺好的· GOOD!

    Sara Reply:

    Thank you for commenting Eryone! 中国文化真的有意思。

  • Lalala~

    I totally agree. But my God do I love Chinese men. I find them so incredibly attractive, even just their aura, knowing that they are a difference race to myself, it’s so exciting. I love reading your blog – I myself am studying Chinese because I am in love with the language and culture, and hope to move and stay with my boyfriend there soon. I hope maybe one day I’ll be a foreign girl blogging from China just like you! ^^

    Sara Reply:

    Thank you for commenting Lalala! So nice to hear that you like Chinese men. Have to say that there are many attractive guys over here. Really nice to hear that you enjoy my blog too :) If you are moving to China, which part are you going? Hope you can come to China as soon as possible. And then tell your blog address when you start one!

    Lalala~ Reply:

    Hey Sara!~ Oops sorry for the late reply~~

    My bf, he is currently living in Dalian~ But originally from the Northern region of Heilongjiang~ Have you ever been?? :)) I briefly visited just once…these were definitely very beautiful (but VERY cold!) places to visit. And it was a totally different side to the China I was expecting to see!!~

    To be honest I am far more familiar with and interested in Southern Chinese customs because I have mostly been exposed to that side. I really like your blog because of this. But Northern China is definitely very interesting and unique though! For sure, when I finally find the time, I will start blogging! And tell the blog address hehe~^^ Take care, much love! xx

    Sara Reply:

    Haven’t been norther than Beijing yet, but really hope to visit every province someday :) From the pictures I’ve seen that the nature in north China reminds me of Finnish nature. Same kind of trees and then snow in winter time.

    I do like living here south in Guangzhou. And there isn’t so many tourists and foreigners here than in Beijing and Shanghai, which is nice too. It would be interesting to live in a smaller place too at some point, and atleast visit some countryside and see different parts of the country.

    I’m already looking forward for your blog! Don’t forget to tell the address when you have the time to set it up. Take care and thank you!

  • Angela

    I’m so missing you,Sara.I just began my winter holiday.I’m also so happy to see you new blogs.Because I can see my dream from your blogs.You really give me hope and much courage to pursue my dream.
    假期愉快! enjoy your holiday~:)

    Sara Reply:

    I hope you have a really nice winter holiday and Chinese new year Autumn! I really think that everyone should have dreams and make them come true. Waiting for a dream to happen is a long wait, but instead we can decide to pursue them.

  • lj

    when i am looking at the picture i feel really hungery haha!

    Sara Reply:

    Thanks for stopping by again lj. And I really like 牛肉串 and 羊肉串。

  • Happy in Asia

    That’s an interesting question. Why I love living in China?!?!
    Actually, for me it’s been a long process: I lived in Taiwan for 6 years and hated most of it as it just wasn’t ‘Chinese’ enough (it’s more like a developing world version of Japan, with Chinese as a language)… Fell in love with Hong Kong even before getting off the airport bus (finally, that place IS Chinese!) Fell in love with Beijing on the first visit a year later.
    Then life took me to Korea for 2.5 years, where I met my Chinese husband (irony and fate rolled together!)
    Then again, life took us to the Motherland in June 2010 and Beijing it was! I have to admit, I haven’t made the most out of it, as summer with a big pregnant belly is not nice and then winter with an infant is not convenient for visiting either!!! Will make the most out of Spring!
    So all this to say: it’s nice to live in Chinese again, I missed it so much in Korea. Then Beijing people are more accepting of foreigners than Koreans, and they love mixed race kids, which is a big bonus. I love the exotic factor of Beijing, it’s like living on another planet at times. It also has a Northern feeling to it that I truly appreciate. It’s frustrating at times with a baby as safety and hygiene standards are different, but it’s doable.

    Sara Reply:

    I’ve been thinking if Hong Kong is Chinese enough for me but maybe I’ll find out if I finally visit it this year. There really is irony that you had to go to Korea to find your Chinese husband. That must be fate! I really do like Beijing too and my plan was to study there, but then I met my boyfriend and decided to stay in Guangzhou. Which also seems to be a good place. I’ve also thought that what is family life in China like. Later on I have to make a decision where to live when I hopefully have a family of my own. Things are so much easier (and many times better) in Finland, but maybe during the following years I get so attached to China that I can’t leave ;)

  • Nathan

    This brings back memories of my first trip to China. It was 1978 and I went with a delegation of other small business owners invited by the Chinese Government. Our movements were completely controlled and there was always a feeling of events being “staged” for us. How things have changed. Your post makes me want to go back for a whole new experience.

    Sara Reply:

    It really must have been like a different world in here in 1978. You can see those “staged events” in tourist spots, but nowadays you can also truly experience the local Chinese life. Hope you have a change to come again Nathan and see what have and haven’t changed since your last visit!

  • David

    Hello there !!

    China used to be a good place to leave before the communist party get into power.
    There is a massive corruption and instead of getting better , the condition in which people live are going down
    The human right violations by the ccp is just horrendous and as I recall in history non government had ever persecuted his own good people as Chinese does with Falun Gong practitioners for give just one example.
    Illegal detention illegal imprisionment , torture to dead, family persecution , economical breakdown and the horrible alive organ harvesting are some of the methods that the ccp uses to try to eliminate a cultivation practice based on the principles of truth compassion and tolerance and 5 sets of qi gong exercises .
    China is not the ccp, china has a history of 5.000 years of civilization that has been sistematically being destroyed and replaced by a fake culture.
    If you try to search Internet for many things among others Falun Dafa or Falun Gong you won’t be able to make it .