Going to the gym in China – wearing a miniskirt!

Going to the gym in ChinaPhoto by HealthGauge

I went to the gym today with my boyfriend and even though that is quite the news, I used to almost hate working out, but there was something much more interesting in the gym than my red face. As it was a Sunday afternoon, there weren’t that many people on the gym that is located at the Guangzhou University in Higher Educational Mega Center.

I’ve heard about this kind of thing happening in the gym before, but hadn’t witnessed it myself before. So I almost didn’t believe my eyes when I saw this girl on a treadmill. Her body was like from the pages of a fashion magazine. She was wearing leggings, leather miniskirt, high-heel sneakers and a small top that didn’t cover her stomach. She was walking on a treadmill with a mobile phone on her hand!

So how do you actually work out in a leather miniskirt? For her working out seemed to mean walking slowly and showing her body off to the guys lifting the weights. The way she was walking, like on a runway, it was quite clear she wasn’t there to get sweaty.

Sure I have seen girls and guys working on their jeans and stuff, but leather miniskirt girl was totally something special. Have you encountered something as strange in a gym somewhere in the globe?